Current Sermon Series

Our previous sermon series, Faith Lived Out, was from the letter to the Hebrews. You can read the letter of Hebrews here. 

Our Faith Lived Out series looks at those who have gone before us and how their faith was lived out in their lives. Faith should have practical implications. We can learn much from the faithfulness of others and we can live a life of faith that leaves a legacy. 


In our current sermon series, we are exploring the Book of Job. you can read it here

Job: In God We Trust

The Book of Job uses the framework of suffering to cause us to ask the deeper questions of life. In your own life, suffering and trials have probably been the backdrop to helping you dig deeper into who you are and why you are here. We don't like it and we often resist it. But somehow it makes us stronger and better versions of ourselves. Come join us as we explore the Book of Job and the God who suffers alongside us.