They Gave Spontaneous Gifts


Ezra 2:48 Devotional 

Creed: Jesus is Lord


John 1:1-11

Philippians 2:5-11

Pastor JoAnn Bastien

Creed: God is


Isaiah 40

Pastor Cori Fouts

Creed: I Believe


We are looking at the Creed for the season of Lent.

Pastor JoAnn Bastien

Breaking Bread: Shalom


Luke 24 - Peace be with you

Mr. Pete Celano (campus shepherd)

Breaking Bread: Recognize


There were two disciples walking to Emmaus, when Jesus came and walked beside them. But they did not recognize Him.

Pastor JoAnn Bastien

Breaking Bread: Passover


We take a closer look at the Last Supper.

Pastor Linda Bynum

Breaking Bread: Welcome


Zaccheaus spent his life trying to fill an empty hole in his life. Then one day he met Jesus and his world changed.

Pastor JoAnn Bastien

Come to the Table


Luke 14 - the great wedding banquet

Pastor Linda Bynum - Teaching Pastor

Breaking Bread: Invitation


Luke 14:1-14

You have been invited to sit at the table with Jesus. 

We also introduce you to our vision for the next two years. We hope you are encouraged as we strive to expand the Kingdom of God in our own backyards. 

Pastor JoAnn Bastien 

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